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    Atlantic Talent Agency

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    Voice Talents
    New Brunswick

    Atlantic Talent Agency is Atlantic Canada's most progressive Agency representing both union and non-union top professional Talents. We are interested in auditioning experienced actors of all ethnic backgrounds, from 6 years old and up, for representation for all media, including feature films, TV shows, radio and TV commercials, theatre, live events and photo shoots. ACTRA, EQUITY, & SAG-AFTRA members are especially welcome. We arrange auditions for our actors with all the top professional Casting Agents and Producers.

    To apply for representation please click on APPLY and fill out our application.

    HOW TO EMAIL US YOUR HEADSHOTS: Keep a file in your computer of the headshots that you send us so you can keep track of what you sent us. Email all photo uncropped as an attachment in .jpg format. Photos should be a minimum of 500 pixels wide. Any size above 500 pixels wide should be okay. We will crop and reduce the size for the web. Put your first and last name as your photograph's file name (the file name is just below your photograph) and number them consecutively. Example: Joe Smith1, Joe Smith2, Joe Smith3, etc. The next time you email us more headshots they would be named Joe Smith4, Joe Smith5, etc.

    Angela Keating, Glam Photography, $60.00 special for Atlantic Talent actors, email angela.keating@live.com
    Paul Vienneau http://www.paulvienneau.com
    Nicole LaPierre Photography http://www.lapierrephotography.com/
    Melissa Mullins Photography http://www.melissasuemullins.com/
    John Leighton http://precisionphotoservices.com/



    We are very pleased to announce that three of our Atlantic Talent actors, Wendy Shaw-Driscoll, Drew McQuinn and Sara Varga, were cast in the following Push2Play commercial. You all did a great job!






    We are pleased to announce that Atlantic Talent's Kevin Gerrior and Jayme Lynn Butt were cast in the following Eolio commercial. Congratulations Kevin and Jayme Lynn, well done.







    We are pleased to announce that Atlantic Talent's Henrick Strait was cast as principal in the following TV commercial. Congratulations Henrick, good job.







    We are pleased to announce that Atlantic Talent's Kevin Gerrior was cast as principal in the following TV commercial. Congratulations Kevin, job well done.






    Some of ATA's Amazing Talents:

    When our actors are in between jobs some of our actors have fun making their own work. The following is a volunteer job that some of our amazing talents did. ATA's Diana Hart played Molly and ATA's Kevin Gerrior played her husband, Gary Fontaine wrote, directed and produced the commercial and Dean Aubie was camera and Cinematographer. They made the commercial to submit in the Doritos commercial contest for the Superbowl.

    WISP, our feature film:

    Writer/Director Benjamin Stevens’s first feature film is a gripping lost-in-the-woods video-verite horror flick that begins with a whimsical search for the lights of the Will O’the Wisp and then descends into a struggle for survival against an unforseen biological threat. As four attractive, articulate and gamely overconfident pre-grad twentysomethings become inarticulate, unconfident and unattractive as they face the growing unknown, the film’s intensity builds expertly into a palpable sense of terror. Tense, engrossing and tersely executed, Wisp is a briskly original take on a well-worn genre that examines the fragile bonds of today’s social-media-mad generation.
    Director: Benjamin Stevens, Writer: Benjamin Stevens, Stephen MacLean,
    Cast: Lisa Rose Snow, Holly Stevens, Joel Freckelton, Michael Gaty, Michael Taylor.
    Executive Producer: Hank White, Gary Hill, Nancy Hill.
    Producer: Benjamin Stevens, Stephen MacLean.


    Hugh MacDonald wrote and performs "Trapper Boy," the song that inspired the novel.

    Hugh is an actor, singer, mucisioan, story teller and song writer.

    CBU Press produced a music video of Hugh MacDonald performing his song “Trapper Boy,” the writing of which was the inspiration for Hugh’s novel of the same name. Hugh MacDonald, and his brother, Michael MacDonald, provided the illustrations for the novel.

    For a series of interviews between Hugh and CBU Press Assistant Editor Laura Bast click on TRAPPER BOY.

    To have Hugh audition for you or perform for your group, please contact Nancy Hill ph (902) 404-3070 ext 1, or email her by clicking on Nancy Hill


    ATA's Minuet Charron


    We are very pleased to announde that Minuet was cast to play Young Casette in the theater production Les Miserables at the Savoy Theatre.

    To have Minuet audition for you, please contact Nancy Hill ph (902) 404-3070 ext 1, or email her by clicking on Nancy Hill








    Gil played Elvis in the following Casino New Brunswick TV commercial.

    To have Gil audition for you in French or English, please contact Nancy Hill ph (902) 404-3070 ext 1, or email her by clicking on Nancy Hill







    Ralph is a well know, German actor who had principal roles in numerous German and European films. Ralph speaks German as well as perfect English. We look forward to seeing Ralph in Canadian and US films in the near future. The following is Ralph's Showreel, English version.

    To have Ralph audition for you, please contact Nancy Hill ph (902) 404-3070 ext 1, or email her by clicking on Nancy Hill




    Jack was cast as the principal actor in the following Shannex Commercial.

    To have Jack audition for you, please contact Nancy Hill ph (902) 404-3070 ext 1, or email her by clicking on Nancy Hill







    Jennifer was cast in the Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia commercial (left). Congratulations Jennifer..!

    To have Jennifer audition for you, please contact Nancy Hill ph (902) 404-3070 ext 1, or email Nancy







    Gareth and Rachel were cast in the following Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia commercial. Congratulations Gareth and Rachel..!

    To have Gareth or Rachael audition for you, please contact Nancy Hill ph (902) 404-3070 ext 1, or email Nancy Hill






    We are very pleased to introduce Wendy Driscotoll, our newest voice over discovery with an amazing voice.

    Listen to Wendy's voice (left).

    To have Wendy audition for you please contact Nancy Hill ph (902) 404-3070 ext 1 or email Nancy




    LISA DRADER-MURPHEY photo op with William Shatner in LA:


    Lisa, well known top fashion designer and media personality, posed for a photo op with William Shatner when she was in LA.
















    "Local Connections Halifax"


    Lisa and Carey were featured in the "Local Connections Halifax" magazine, a publication which showcases the best our region has to offer.









    Daniel was cast in an HRM Distraction Kills Advertisment campaign, (commercial is left).

    We are very pleased to introduce award winner Daniel Fanaberia who wrote several successful screen plays, played the lead roles in several feature films, worked in Hollywood and moved from Los Angeles to continue acting and writing in Halifax.

    Daniel's athletic and academic achievements paid for two years at a prestigious New England Prep School. He caught the acting bug and began performing in Toronto. His passion for the craft brought him to Los Angeles where he worked as a successful actor and screenplay writer. Among Daniel's many credits he wrote and played the Principal role in the award winning feature film "Behind Your Eyes" produced by Los Angeles Producer Greg Sims.

    BEHIND YOUR EYES (IMDB), written by Daniel Fanaberia. Winner: "SPECIAL JURY PRIZE" - Las Vegas International Film Festival 2011. Winner: "BEST FEATURE" - Canada International Film Festival 2011 Theatrical TRAILER.

    Watch Daniel's film trailer and actors demo reel (above).





    Joel, is a well known actor TV and radio host in Quebec who is now living in Halifax.

    To have Joel audition to be in your feature film, TV or radio commercial contact Nancy at (902) 404-3070 ext 1 or email nancy@atlantictalent.ca.

    Watch Joel's demo reel (left)





    Henrick was cast to play the Principal role in the Tripelations Travel commercial.

    Watch the commercial (left).









    We are very pleased to introduce Justin Bouchard who spent 18 months studing acting at the Toronto Film School. Justin has acted in several lead roles in film, TV, web series and theatre.

    Watch Justin's acting demo reel (left).







    We are pleased to introduce our talented Kevin Gerrior who is an experienced actor and voice talent.

    Listen to Kevin's voice demo (left).











    Joel Diamond was cast as the French Voice Over.

    Watch the ACE commercial (left).






    ATA's Joel Freckelton


    JOEL was cast in a Lead role in the feature film "AVI", produced by Benjamin Stevens and Stephen MacLean of Dream Front Entertainment.






    ATA's Mike Taylor


    Mike was cast in a Principal role in the feature film "Wisp", produced by Benjamin Stevens and Stephen MacLean of Dream Front Entertainment.






    ATA's Mike Taylor


    A screen shot of Mike on set playing the principal role of Dr. James Henderson in the feature film "WISP", produced by Benjamin Stevens and Stephen MacLean of Dream Front Entertainment.







    We are pleased to introduce ATA's Gil Leveck. Jill is a well seasoned bilingual actor with principal roles in films, TV commercials and theatre.

    Watch Gil's acting demo reel (left).








    Angela, started acting at the young age of 15. Angela, with her bubbly, friendly personality, works both in front and behind the camera. As well as an e xperienced actress she works at directing, editing, cinematography and all aspects of production. She recently played the lead role as an abusive, cheating wife in Laurie Little Band's music video "Throw It Away". She was also cast in the feature film "Wendy and Wanda" directed by Gary Fontaine.

    Angels does period pieces, comedy, commercials and videos. Angels does professional glamor photography and portfolios for other actors and models. Angela's motto is "have a good attitude and be gracous when any opportunity that comes your way!"

    View Angela in the above video, produced, shot and edited by the talented viodographer Dean Aubie.


    George MacKenzie


    George just joined the ATA family. A graduate of Dalhousie University’s Theatre program, George has been performing regularly for the last 12 years. This year he played Karl Marx in Marx in Soho for which he won the Boardmore Award for most outstanding actor in a lead role. He also had a very successful run as Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman. An outstanding Tenor, he has appeared in many musicals including West Side Story, Annie, and Oliver! He received critical acclaim for his Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof. A multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, magician and comedian, George is the consummate entertainer.





    Leander Mendoza


    Leander Mendoza is a Filipino-Canadian singer, actor, a gifted pianist, and musical arranger based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. A classically trained tenor, Leander is a versatile interpreter of musical theatre, pop, ballad, jazz, and gospel. He has performed in numerous concerts, musicals, and community events in Toronto, Florida, and the Philippines.

    Among the roles he has played are Che (Evita), Engineer (Miss Saigon), Tateh (Ragtime), Lun Tha (The King & I), Eisenstein (Die Fledermaus), & Nanki-Poo (The Mikado). He has performed as soloist with renowned orchestras such as L'orchestre Chambre de Montreal, Oakville Chamber Orchestra, Opera Mississauga Symphony, Brampton Symphony Orchestra, and the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra.

    Besides performing, Leander teaches private piano and voice lessons in his home studio in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. He has been teaching for 20 years and is highly qualified with a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education from the University of Santo Tomas, Philippines.

    Recently, Leander has produced his first CD recording, entitled, “In The Moment - the Broadway Album”, which features Broadway favorites such as Bring Him Home (Les Miserables), The Music of The Night (The Phantom of the Opera), Maria (West Side Story), and I Am What I Am (La Cage Aux Folles).



    Minuet Charron


    Minuet Charron is only 8 years old but has already had experience in film, theatre, and print. Among other roles on stage, she has played Tiny Tim, and received an award for her role in an Elizabeth Boardmore One-Act Play Festival play this spring.

    She has also appeared in two films. Her print experience includes a magazine cover and various print and web ads..

    Minuet has been studying drama and musical theatre with Class Acts Drama School for the past 3 years. When she's not acting, you can find Minuet dancing (tap/jazz/ballet), singing, and reading.











    Shane Anderson, an experienced actor, will not need a further introduction after you watch his demo reel (left). Shane played all the characters except the little girl.

    To have shane audition for your project contact Nancy at Atlantic Talent 404-3070 ext 1 or email her click on nancy@atlantictalent.ca.




    Benny Shilling, ACTRA

    ATA's BENNY SHILLING, ACTRA: Benny started his acting career at age 7 working in commercials, television and voice. He was cast as a principle character on an episode of "Twice in a Lifetime" where he worked with Will Wheatonand. Benny was cast on a CBC documentary about Canadian language. Some of my commercial experience included working as a principle actor for Gain and Hasbro. His voice has been featured in the children’s animates series "The Save-Ums" as a recurring character as well as radio commercials for LCBO and Volkswagen. Benny is currently a 2nd year student of acting in Dalhousie University, where I get the opportunity to work and hone my skills as an actor.



    Matt McIntyre, ACTRA is a talented actor who has played principal roles on stage, in films, TV commercials and Voice Overs. For your viewing pleasure, watch Matt's demo reel (left).







    ATA's KIM PARKHILL, ACTRA, CAEA: Kim does not need a lengthy introduction as she is a seasoned professional actress who has played numerous principal roles. We are very pleased to feature Kim's demo reel (left).

    To audition Kim for a selected project contact Nancy at Atlantic Talent ph (902) 404-3070 or email nancy@atlantictalent.ca.




    Maia Whitehouse

    ATA's MAIA WHITEHOUSE: Maia studied acting and obtained a BA in Theatre from Acadia University. Maia was recently cast in the lead role of Miss Hannigan in “Annie”. Maia has appeared in numerous lead roles such as Helen in the “Cripple of Inishmaan”, Sarah Kane’s painfully brilliant plea of sanity “4.48 Psychosis”, and even played a sword fighting Adraste in “The Illusionist”.

    Acting and performing has been a part of her life since the age of 6 and is something she loves and will pursue for the rest of her life. Maia is excited for the future opportunities and representation with Atlantic Talent.

    To audition Maia contact Nancy at Atlantic Talent ph (902) 404-3070 or email nancy@atlantictalent.ca.


    ATA's JOEL FRECKELTON, ACTRA Joel studied acting in Vancouver and is now back in Halifax. Joel performed in several lead roles in a number of films.

    For your viewing pleasure watch Joel's new demo reel. (left)








    Peter has been in numerous films and TV shows.

    For your viewing pleasure watch Peter's acting demo reel. (left)








    Film clip of Peter in a role role in the film "Glod Rush".










    Peter is featured in the music video (left) where he played Agent Barrett in the TV show SG-1.








    Mike Hampson, Pierce Brosnan, Joel Freckelton on the "Bag of Bones" film set

    BAG OF BONES: For Part 1, A&E had 3.4 million viewers on Sunday evening, making it the top cable telecast for the night. And on the following evening, Bag of Bones retained a strong 88 percent of its premiere audience, delivering 3 million viewers.

    Based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, Bag of Bones ranked as the most-watched cable miniseries since the cabler's 2008 effort Andromeda Strain, which hovered around 5 million viewers.

    Pierce Brosnan plays novelist Mike Noonan in Bag of Bones, a recent widower who holes himself up in Maine to unblock his writer's block. Unexplainable things begin to happen to him at the cabin and he's convinced that his dead wife is trying to communicate with him.

    PHOTO: ATA's Mike Hampson, with Pierce Brosnan and ATA's Joel Freckelton, in costume, during a break on the "Bag of Bones" film set. Several of our Atlantic Talent actors were cast in the "Bag of Bones" film.




    Bag of Bones, Dark Score Series, Dark-Farewell


    A&E launched an online narrative prequel to Bag of Bones, a two-night television event. Dark Score Stories explores the setting and characters of Bag of Bones through a series of eerie, animated images and striking black-and-white stills. Characters from the miniseries (including those played by Pierce Brosnan, Annabeth Gish and Melissa George) come to life in seven photojournalism essays with exclusive audio commentary.

    PHOTO: ATA's Shane Anderson is featured in the promotional photo as well as 10 other promotional photos. In the following still photo series watch Shane's hands move, click on Dark Score Stories Dark-Farewell.

    The photography is by award-winning Danish photojournalist Joachim Ladefoged, whose work has previously appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Newsweek and TIME — and now in a companion coffee table book.


    ATA's Peter Gant on set.


    ATA's Peter Gant played George Dorsey in the crime scene investigation, re-enactments TV show, Forensic Firsts.

    PHOTO: Peter on the film set as George Dorsey.

    Forensic First is a production of Story House Productions Washington, DC





    ATA's Ellen Oldford

    ATA's Ellen Oldford


    Ellen, accomplished actress, model, was cast in an East Link photo shoot ad compaign.

    Ellen poses (left) next to her Eastlink Photo Advertisment at the Halifax Airport.



    ATA's Ciaran MacGillivray


    Ciarán has been acting, singing and performing music since the age of 5. Among his acting roles, he has played: Abusive Soldier in the motion picture "Take This Waltz", Ferdinand in "The Tempest", François in "Never Say No", Jules Boucher in "What Lies Beneath", Musician in "For Love or Money", and Choir Boy/Miner Boy/Schoolboy in television series "Pit Pony".

    He is a professional musician who heads up the internationally acclaimed, award-winning Celtic band "The Cottars" in festivals and concert halls from Denmark to Australia and Japan: from Carnegie Hall, New York City to Hollywood, California. Ciarán is a virtuoso on a variety of instruments including piano, guitar and bouzouki and also performs traditional Scottish step dancing as well as being an accomplished singer. He has written, scored, produced and recorded a number of compositions for his band as well as for theatre productions.

    Ciarán is bilingual, speaking and singing in French as well as English. He is also an amateur magician.




    ATA's Jayme Lynn Butt


    Jayme Lynn graduated in Radio and Television Arts from NSCC in 2000 and has been employed in the industry ever since. She’s done everything from being an On-Air radio personality to numerous voice over for radio commercials to Music Director and presently resides at Q104 as their Promotions Director. When she’s not voicing a commercial, she is acting, as she has 20 years experience. Jayme Lynn was also a “Jester” at Saratoga Dinner Theatre and her latest work in Halifax was with TAG as “Princess Miranda” in their 2005 Pantomime, “Shipwrecked on Fable Island.”










    The Legend of the Psychotic Forest Ranger was written and Directed by Brad Mills, with the help of his wife Elizabeth and his sister Jacquelyn and filmed in Sydney, NS

    To make the film, Brad raised $50,000 on his facebook site and another $50,000 from those who believe in him.

    We are pleased to say that ATA's Michael MacDonald played the Principal role of the Psychotic Forest Ranger and ATA's Keith Morrison played the Cop. Keith was also the Casting Director.

    Psychotic Forest Ranger - CBC News Interviews Brad, Elizabeth & Jacquelyn Mills in Sydney, NS.

    Full of plot holes & cheesy dialogue, The Legend of the Psychotic Forest Ranger is a B horror movie straight out of the 80s. After taking a wrong turn down an abandoned road, the Jock, the Joker, the Blond Bimbo & the Paranoid Brunette run out of gas and find themselves stranded in the middle of the woods. What a total drag. What was that noise? Why is everyone vanishing? Is it all one of Bradley's dumb practical jokes, or could The Legend be true? Your compass can't help you in these woods.


    ATA's Stevie Cooper and ATA's Scott Baker, are in the following Saint Sanguinus book trailer - Tanwen's story. Producer Tara MacDonald, DOP Luke Hudgins, Editor Doug Woods, PA & Still Photographer Caroline Ruyle.








    ATA's LISA DRADER-MURPHY Fashion Designer, Public Speaker, TV and Film Commentator. We are plesed to announce that we now represent Lisa Drader-Murphy.

    Besides being a top fashion designer with her own line, Lisa is an in demand public speaker and has been on numerous TV shows. Lisa was one of the very few Canadian Designers requested to host the prestigious gifting suites at the Golden Globes and the Cannes Film Festival. Lisa enjoyed meeting many high profile celebrities in film, production and the music industries. If you are launching a TV fashion show, Lisa is the perfect host for your show. (See Lisa in the above TV interview)


    ATA's GARETH MEAGHER Professional Voice Over, Actor, Writer has written and voiced well over 100 radio spots including many award winning radio commercials. Gareth also had principal roles in several TV commercials and a film.

    (See Gareth in the commercial left)







    '24 Frames' is produced by The Center For Arts and Technology, Halifax, NS and features Atlantic Talent's Shane Anderson as Saul.

    (video left)









    Scott McKone made an entertaining, fun music video pitching his screenplay to the legendary director Rob Reiner. (The Princess Bride, The Bucket List, The Sure Thing) The screenplay was written by Scott McKone & Fara Spence of Halifax, NS. The video features some of our own Atlantic Talent Agency actors Ambyr Dunn, and Kevin Gerrior.

    (video left)





    ATA's Elizabet Stevens, ACTRA


    Elizabet Stevens' most recent role was as principal role of "Jan" in "Blue Seduction" opposite Jane Wheeler and Billie Zane.

    She has appeared in most films shot recently in New Brunswick including "In Her Defense" as Marlee Matlin's "mother", and as "Ms. Boxwood" in the television series "Daring and Grace."

    In Nova Scotia Elizabet was "Mrs. MacIntyre" in Justice Denied, a standin for Jean Stapleton in "Baby" and for Judith Parfitt in "Dolores Claiborne.








    ATA's George Jordan


    GEORGE W. JORDAN is an actor, narrator, seasoned broadcaster, and program producer. George spent 25 years working for the CBC as a TV news anchor, radio host, and internal training consultant.

    Prior to that he worked for various radio and television stations in Canada including in Peterborough, Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax.

    He is a principal voice and host of the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo - a live variety show which entertains audiences of more than 60 thousand people per year.

    He has served as Nova Scotia's Chief Consumer Advocate on Auto Insurance Reform. George has also worked to promote Halifax internationally and was a founding member of a committee which helped Halifax twin with Campeche, Mexico.

    His acting roles include an on-going part on CBC Radio's " Clean Sweep." He has also appeared on " Black Harbour " on CBC television and was a featured guest on " Growing Up Canadian " on History Television. In 2006, George worked as a writer and host on the film, " Halifax Harbour: A Geological History " produced by Moonglow Digital. George is now working on a television series called " The Life Changers " in co-operation with the Association of Atlantic Universities.

    George has trained executives and community leaders in media presentation skills for such diverse organizations as King's College, Maritime Life, Mount Allison University, TD Bank, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

    As a voice actor, he has narrated numerous commercials and films and has many different characters and voices to share with audiences.



    Watch Mike in the Cancer TV commercial (left).













    Watch Sheryl and Elizabeth V/O Cancer TV commercial (left).












    Watch Joel Freckelton as Principal in the following TV commercial (left).

    Joel Freckelton returned to Halifax after studying acting in Vancouver.

    To audition Joel for your next gig contact us by email at info@atlantictalent.ca or call Nancy at 404-3070 ext 1.






    ATA's Shane Anderson




















    ATA's Mike Cranston


    President G. Michael Cranston Productions, October 2000 – Present

    News Director (Retired) Maritime Broadcasting System, October 1979 – September 2010 (31 years)

    Announcer CKSO Radio & Television, January 1976 – October 1979 (4 years)

    Morning Show Radio Announcer, Network Anchor for Television News Announcer/Program Director CFRN Radio & Television Edmonton July 1972 – July 1976 (4 years)

    Morning Show Radio Announcer Program Director Mid-Day Announcer CHUM Radio/Toronto, January 1966 – January 1968 (2 years)\





    ATA's Nicki Davis - Photo Shoot

    Nicki Davis, actor, model, sample of her photo shoot (left).











    Watch the trailer (left) for Brian Eisener's film "Homo Sapien Mating Ritual". ATA actors appearing in the trailer are Jenny Cluett and Nicki Davis appear in the trailer and Diana Hart, Kevin Gerrior, Darlene Savage, Emily Irving and Renee Kilburn have roles in the film.

    Emotionally scarred from a traumatic childhood experience involving projectile fish cakes and his first crush in grade six, socially awkward Joe is unable to approach his long-term secret crush Anna-Beth at work. He turns to his ultra suave housemate Ryan, who has a different girlfriend every day, for advice. Together they devise an elaborate plan, to make a (secretly fake) feature-length film, and cast his love interest in the leading role.

    But when love-struck Joe inadvertently promises the girl of his dreams to create a romantic comedy, combined with elements of horror, mystery, action and a spooky reality based ending, he is bound to oblige. The ensuing chaos results in the creation of a touching and genuine film about relationships, and the pain of losing the one you love.


    ATA'S SHERYL KNOWLES - CAST in the following Eastlink Photo Ad: Congratulations Sheryl..!

    ATA's Sheryl Knowles










    ATA'S LINDSAY KROETCH - CAST in a photo shoot campaign. Congratulations Lindsay..!

    ATA'S ANN MERRITT is pleased to announce that as of March 1, 2011, she will be a full member of ACTRA. Congratulations Ann..!



    Mike Hampson was just invited to join ACTRA. Congratulations Mike..!

    ATA's Mike Hampson, (ACTRA App) photo shoot
























    ATA's Ellen Oldford

    ATA's Ellen Oldford

    ELLEN has several years acting experience in community theatre including such roles and productions as Susannah in “Bedroom Farce” by Alan Ayckbourn, Bedford Players, Suzette in “Don’t Dress for Dinner” by Marc Camoletti, Dartmouth Players, and Vickie in “Busybody” by Jack Popplewell, Bedford Players. Other plays include original works by writer and director Ben Pittman, Off Broadway Players.

    TV /COMMERCIALS On set of HBO TV series “Call Me Fitz” as bar patron Appeared in Mazda commercial with Global TV in driver/owner testimonial Appeared as self in Career College TV commercial and promotional video.

    PRINT ADVERTISING Featured in Trade Magazines, brochures, website advertisement for Ramada Inn Hotels Featured in course calendar for Academy Canada Career College.

















    ATA's Joel Freckelton's close up, scene from the film "New Blood"

    ATA's Joel Freckelton & ATA's Stevie Cooper on "New Blood" film set

    JOEL Freckelton shot his first music video for his hiphop group "Lunchtime". (watch video on left)

    As a serious actor, Joel landed a principal role in Dream Front Entertainment's supernatural drama 'New Blood', but this was only the latest success story for the local prodigy. With an outstanding track record at auditions, Joel has won roles across all mediums and genres. Constantly seeking new characters to challenge his growing repertoire of skills, this young actor takes a professional approach to fulfilling his artistic passion. Learning one-on-one from mentor John Dunsworth was invaluable during the lead up to Joel's big screen debut. With numerous commercials under his belt Joel now sets his eyes on the world of long form drama. Joel is working and studying acting in Vancouver. Joel plans to be back in Halifax in the next few months. (photos left)



    ATA's Scott Baker

    ATA's Scott Baker

    SCOTT has been in a wide variety of stage productions and played many different contrasting roles. Scott played leading roles in the following: Fame/Schlomo, The Crucible/ John Proctor, Chocolate Milk/ Alex, Anne of Green Gables/ Moody McPherson, King of the Castle/ Man, Stand by Me/ Chris Chambers. All plays being performed in community theatre. Scott is available for both modeling still photo ads as well as acting roles.

    To audition Scott email us at info@atlantictalent.ca or phone (902) 404-3070.



    The motion picture screenplay written by Michael M. McDonald and directed by Marcel Gallant, starring, Walter Learning, Atlantic Talent's Andrew Johnston, Wally Mackinnon and Emily Bartlett will be screened at the Atlantic Film Festival Halifax.

    In 1969 Tommy Wilkins, spent his days dreaming and wishing for the time to come, where he could go beyond, to the places his astronaut heros had already been.

    One winter he meets a man with a secret machine that would give Tommy all the answers. Be careful what you wish for.

    To audition ANDREW JOHNSTON for your film or TV commercial contact us at Atlantic Talent by phone (902) 404-3070 or email info@atlantictalent.ca.


    ATA's Alyse Hand TV Personality


    Alyse is a CTV on camera news reporter / producer. For several years Alyse was an on camera personality with Eastlink. She also acted in several TV commercials and appeared in a series of Quebec Major Junior Hockey League commercials that aired on A&E and CNN.
















    KAREN FURNEAUX, Twice World Champion, on camera personality, commentator, model - Represented by Atlantic Talent:

    ATA's KAREN FURNEAUX: In addition to being a World Champion Karen is experienced actor/ commentator/model in from of the camera. Some of her accomplishments are: -CBC Olympic Vignettes: 2000, 2004, 2008... -Team Visa Olympic commercial: aired in 2008/2009. -Breakfast Television features- live for cause and features. -CBC interviews: live and taped. -Sports Broadcasting: CBC colour commentator of Canoe Kayak Canada Mazda Knockout 2009. -Eastlink feature- taped -McD TV: television program for schools GO Active Program -Radio broadcasts -Voice and PSA -Salvation Army promotional video -various print media including: Chatelaine magazine, TIME magazine, Olympic edition, MacLeans, newspaper, billboards.

    To audition Karen to be you commentor, be in your commercial or model your sports wear, contact us by email at info@atlantictalent.ca or call us at (902) 404-3070.


    BOB BREWSTER, PROFESSIONAL VOICE OVER "The Voice Guy": We make great commercials..!

    IN THE MOOD TO BE ENTERTAINED AND A FEW GOOD LAUGHS, sit back and listen to the following audio book that Atlantic Talent's Bob Brewster wrote and recorded in his studio titled..."A FEW MONTHS WITH STEWY'S ON MAIN". It's Bizarre!!! Bob will take you into a new world and show you how he writes and records radio ads. Just click on the blue arrow (left) under the musical note and enjoy...!

    Talk to us about having Bob "The Voice Guy" Brewster promote your business, email info@atlantictalent.ca or call us at (902) 404-3070.






    ATA's Heidi Petracek

    ATA's Heidi Petracek

    Broadcaster Heidi Petracek has been bringing her energetic, witty, and engaging voice and personality to radio and television for the past decade. She’s interviewed hundreds of people, from well-known personalities (including Olympia Dukkakis, Kurt Browning, Alberto Manguel, and Adrienne Clarkson) to everyday people who simply have a personal story or interesting talent to share.
    Heidi was the host of CBC Television’s entertaining and informative lifestyle show, Living Halifax, for three years. In that time, she took on all kinds of new experiences for the camera: perogie making, scuba diving, flamenco dancing, dog sledding, trapeze work, wall climbing, and dog grooming, just to name a few! To view samples of some of Heidi's TV shows click on Radon Testing 2nd clip Air Quality. 3rd clip Energy Efficiency.
    Heidi hosted a live CBC Radio show in every province in Atlantic Canada. Most recently, she was the Maritime host for CBC Radio 2’s national live concert program, Canada Live.
    Heidi spends a lot of her time emceeing events and concerts in the Halifax community, appearing in front of as many as 1,000 people at a time. She often donates her skills as an event host for local charities such as the Nova Scotia Learning Disabilities Association, the AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia, and the Fine Arts Parents’ Association.
    Her voice has appeared in the short film Conscript, and in Atlantic Lottery ads on CBC Television.
    When she’s not in the studio, she’s listening to her favorite indie, world, jazz, and electronic music, cooking up a new recipe in her kitchen, or enjoying the outdoors.

    To audition/book Heidi contact Atlantic Talent by e-mail or call us at (902) 404-3070 ext 2. (Heidi's photos above)




    NB Film Co-Op

    We encourage all our New Brunswick actors to become a member of the New Brunswick Film Co-op. It is a charitable organization involved in the production of 16mm and digital films. The Co-op provides broad-ranging supports such as workshops/training, creative support and mentoring, grant writing assistance, equipment, human resources, socials, informal writer/director/actor labs. It also presents diverse quality films and videos through its annual provincial Silver Wave Film Festival.

    ATA's Chuck Boudreau, 101.5 The Hawk FM

    CHUCK BOUDREAU VOICE ARTIST, - JOINED ATLANTIC TALENT. Chuck is the weekend morning radio host at 101.5 The Hawk in Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia. As a part time announcer, I have been fortunate to have been cast to be the voice of a Tim Horton's commercial, as well as Public Service announcements for the Alzheimer's Society, and several other businesses. Chuck was the "Woolco" voice (1986) live in-store announcer. Chuck is also the producer and anchor announcer of a twenty minute radio program, Radio SAJS, at the Grade 5-8 school where he also works as a Vice Principal. Chuck performed on-stage in at least two major productions (All My Sons, and The Diary of Anne Frank), and dozens of one-act plays. He has also done many on-camera interviews and some televised election coverage at an anchor desk. Listen to Chuck's VOICE DEMOS. To audition Chuck please EMAIL Gloria or phone us at 404-3070.

    ATA's Alex J. Walling, Host/Owner QCR Radio 99.3FM

    ALEX J. WALLING now represented by Atlantic Talent. Alex J. Walling also known as A.J. Walling is a major sports analyst in Atlantic Canada. He also contributes weekly to a sports column on www.tsn.ca, A.J. was Atlantic Canada's first TSN sports reporter for nine years and he is daily on Halifax Information Radio (97.9 FM radio). Never afraid to "tell it like it is," Alex has been observering Atlantic University football for over two decades. AJ has covered major professional sporting events, including the 1972 Summit Series where he was one of the first to talk to Paul Henderson, moments after the historic goal. He is also active in covering sports from the High School level and began by covering the 1973 High School Provincial Football Championship featuring the Queen Elizabeth Lions Football team. Wallings distinctive voice is well known by Atlantic Canadians, and is considered as the top resident sports expert. Walling was the first Halifax-based sports anchor at MITV (now Global Maritimes) when it went on the air in 1988. In 1994 Alex J. had a television sports talk show on a Halifax communtity local station the show's name was A.J. Harv & company a one hour call in sports show. A.J. left the show in may 2000 to enjoy his retirement from full time television, radio & newsprint to operate his own radio station, QCR, (Queens County Radio.), at 99.3 FM.

    ATA's Jack Wynters ACTRA, EQUITY

    Jack first appeared on stage at the age of 12 as a daughter of Major-General Stanley in an all-boys school production of Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Pirates of Penzance" and have appeared in over a hundred productions in the years since then.

    Jack's first love was the stage and he won a Best Actor Award at a theatre festival when studying at the University of London in the UK. Since then, he had experience in a wide spectrum of theatre from Shakespeare (Oberon in "A Midsummer Night's Dream", Malvolio in "Twelfth Night") to Broadway-style musicals (Tevye, Professor Higgins, Fagin, Juan Peron and others). Jack played heavy drama (John Proctor in "The Crucible") to comedy (Birdboot in "The Real Inspector Hound"). He appeared on the large screen and TV series for CBC and Access TV and in recent years have developed skills in voice-over, and narrations for several documentaries. Most recently, he released a CD called "Diamond Jack and the Remittance Men". Google it for downloads; a critic likened it to "Prince Charles singing Johnny Cash". Jack retired from his career as a medical doctor, bought a boat and sailed around the world. Jack recently arrived in Nova Scotia, to live in Lunenburg and return to his first love acting.
    To audition and book Jack Wynters please email or call Atlantic Talent at (902)404-3070.

    ATA's Peter Flemming, UBCP/ACTRA

    PETER FLEMMING, ACTRA, UBCP - Actor began his career several years ago in Halifax, NS with ASPECT Talent Agency (now Atlantic Talent). Peter moved to Vancouver, Los Angeles and New York. Among his very successful acting jobs - which have placed him in the top of his field, Peter appeared as a recurring Principal role in in the well know TV series Gate World as Agent Malcolm Barrett, Stargate Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate SG-1-recurring, The Twilight Zone (Co-Star), Cold Squad (Co-Star), Smallville (supporting), First Target (MOW)- Lead, Atomic Train-Principal, Y2K-Principal to name only a few.

    Peter is a well known, very recognizable actor and has guest-starred on a number of Television MOW's and films.

    View Peter's Actors DEMO REEL.
    Film clip of Peter in the TV series Star Gate SG-1.
    Music video of Peter in the TV series "Stargate SG-1" VIDEO .
    Peter in the TV series as Agent Malcom FILM CLIP.
    Peter in Stargate short film clip.
    Peter's in OASA FILM CLIP.
    Peter played the Principal Role of Chuck Green's voice Dead Rising.
    Scene of Peter in Feature Film Glold Rush.
    Peter's biography.
    Peter's interview when on the TV show "Gate World".
    Clips of Peter in Gold Rush
    Join Peter's Facebook page.

    View PETER FLEMMING'S Actor's Demo Reel: (left)












    Gary Hill, Noel Bramwell CTV, Gloria Williams, Nancy Hill

    ATLANTIC TALENT AGENCY met with Noel Bramwell, CTV Producer while in Cape Breton. (photo right)


    ATA's Kim Parkhill, ACTRA

    RENEE KILBURN - CAST in Brian Eisener's film "Homo Sapien Mating Rituals" as the role of Mary.

    JENNY LYNN CLUETT - CAST in the Principal role of Mindy/ Anna-Beth in Brian Eisenor's film, "Homo Sapien Mating Rituals".

    GEOFF BALL - CAST in the Principal Role of Billy in and NSCC film Flea Market Rules written by Paul Doucette.

    CONNOR CHARRON - WINS the following 3 AWARDS:
    The Mary Campbell Trophy - Best Duologue
    The Sister Mary C. MacInnis Memorial Trophy - Sight Reading - 10 yrs & under
    The Sister Mary C. MacInnis Memorial Prize for Outstanding Performance by a Boy in Speech (under 12).

    CONNOR CHARRON - STARS IN a week-long run at CBU of Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang.

    REVIEW OF CONNOR AS JACON TWO-TWO: "Connor Charron, as Jacob, has great stage presence and a pleasant singing voice and is a young actor a young audience can immediately identify with."

    TINA HILTZ - CAST as Principal in the film "Poppy" by Colleen Hiltz and Alex Balkam. Tina played the principal role of widow Anna, who has made the difficult decision to save her drug-addicted son, John, the hard way.

    BRAD KESELUK - CAST in the film "Poppy" by Colleen Hiltz and Alex Balkam.

    HEIDI PETRACEK - CAST in the ALC photo shoot.

    SANDY MACLEAN - CAST as the English Husband in the Edge of Your Seat Bell Aliant commercial.

    ATA's Rod Reeves, Voice Artist

    ATA's ROD REEVES: – VOICE TALENT: Rod's voice has been described as smooth, friendly and pleasing to the ear. He has over 20 years experience in the radio and voice over business and is able to deliver a soft sell, hard sell and anything in between. His voice is perfect for commercials, narration, educational, whatever your needs may be. After fifteen years of working in Nova Scotia radio in areas such as the Annapolis Valley and Truro, in 2002 he took an eight year hiatus to try his hand at other things. He recently got back into radio on a part time basis at 89.3 K-Rock in New Minas, NS. Listen to Rod's VOICE SAMPOLE.

    CONNIE WHALEN, - CAST as Principal in a TV commercial.

    JOEL FRECKELTON, - CAST in an ACTRA commercial.

    OWEN CALDWELL, - CAST in an ACTRA commercial.

    KIM PARKHILL, CAST in Open Concept's theatrical production of "Stop Kiss" which will play at the Bus Stop Theatre Aug 12 - 16th.

    Jenny Lynn Cluett will be performing with DRUM on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Canada Day for the annual CBC television special.

    ASHLEY MACLEOD, - CAST Principal role in the CB film "Stillborn", Produced by the MacDonald Brothers, adapted by Hugh MacDonald.

    REBECCA CURRIE - CAST Principal role in CB film "Stillborn", Produced by the MacDonald Brothers.

    KEITH MORRISON - CAST in Principal role in "Stillborn".

    Joel Freckelton - CAST in a TV commercial, more later.

    ATA's Shane Anserson

    SHANE ANDERSON, ACTOR/MODEL JOINED ATLANTIC TALENT We would like to welcome Shane to ATA. (photo right)

    Geoff Ball - CAST in a TV commercial, more later,

    KEITH MORRISON - CAST in the principal role in the short film "Changing Times", written by Alisha Corrigan, being shot in late June - early July.

    STEVIE COOPER - CAST in the Principal Role of Julia, in the short film "Bitten", Producer Ben Stevens.

    JOEL FRECKELTON - CAST in the Principal role of Jeff, in the short film "Bitten".

    JOEL FRECKELTON - CAST in a non-union - Internet based Pilot Web Series "The Shoe Fund", Produced by STITCH MEDIA, Directed by Jeff Coll.

    JENNIFER PELTIER, ACTRA - CAST: - French Radio Voice Over - Enbridge.

    MIKE CHANDLER, ACTRA - CAST: - English/French Radio Voice Over - World Canoe Champion ships.

    PAUL BURKE, ACTRA - CAST: English/French Radio Voice Over - World Canoe Champion ships.

    TYLER BURNS, ACTRA - CAST: English/French Radio Voice Overs - ALIANT Radio.

    MIKE CHANDLER, ACTRA - CAST: English/French Radio Voice Overs - ALIANT Radio.

    PAUL BURKE, ACTRA - CAST: English/French Radio Voice Overs - ALIANT Radio.

    ATA's Hugh MacDonald

    HUGH MACDONALD JOINED ATLANTIC TALENT: We would like to welcome Hugh to ATA. (picture right)

    DONNA LEE PARIS - CAST: Spokesperson for new "Job Market" spot for MACTECH TV commercial.

    JOEY CAMPBELL - CAST:as Actor - for new "Job Market" spot for MACTECH TV commercial.

    FALLEN MATTHEWS CAST: for a Photo shoot in a 2-concept commercial photoshoot/video. Produced by Eggfilms, for NSLC. This is Fallen's first photo shoot. Congratulations Fallen...!

    ATA ACTORS, STEVIE COOPER, JOEL FRECKELTON & MIKE HAMPSON CAST Principal roles in the short film "New Blood" by Benjamin Stevens, Producer/Writer/Director, Stephen MacLean, Producer and Susan Foulkes, Producer.


    Peter Flemming, UBCP/ACTRA

    PETER FLEMMING, ACTRA - Voice Talent, Actor began his career in Halifax, NS with ASPECT Talent Agency (now Atlantic Talent), represented by Gloria Williams ATA's Principal Talent Agent. Peter moved to Vancouver, Los Angeles and New York. Among his very impressive successful acting jobs - which have placed him in the top of his field, Peter has appeared as a recurring Principal in Stargate Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate SG-1-recurring, The Twilight Zone (Co-Star), Cold Squad (Co-Star), Smallville (supporting), First Target (mow)- Lead, Atomic Train-Principal, Y2K-Principal to name only a few. Peter is a well known, very recognizable actor and has guest-starred on a number of Television MOW's and films. Peter shared with our actors his climb to success and gave an insight of some of the bumps and upheavals he faced on the road to success. He also read lines with selected actors. View a VIDEO of Peter with selected video scenes from the well known TV series "Stargate SG-1". Peter's biography, Peter's interview on GateWorld, and Peter in Gold Rush To book Peter email or call Gloria Williams at 404-4070 ext 1, or email Gloria.

    ATA's Bob Brewster, Voice Over Talent

    BOB BREWSTER VOICE TALENT: Bob Brewster has a deep bass voice but also a lot of range. He's never met a voice job he couldn't handle. Take the time to listen and view all of Bob's voice demos, and his 25 VOICES, you will be impressed...! Bob has his own recording studio in Montreal where he will record your script and email you the finished product. To book Bob for your voice over job call Atlantic Talent at 902 404-3070 ext 2 or email us at info@atlantictalent.ca.

    ATA's Owen Caldwell, Voice Talent

    OWEN CALDWELL - VOICE TALENT / EMCEE: Owen Caldwell has conducted over 2,500 auctions since 1982; everything from cars to fine art and antiquities. Also he has acted as a consultant / auctioneer / emcee in over 300 charity / fundraising events for many of Canada's leading foundations and charitable organizations. Owen has also performed community and commercial radio & television, interviews, sports announcer, DJ, TV infomercials, and the announcer / lecturer on cruise ships for 6-years. Owen played Principal roles in 3 TV commercials and has appeared in several films. Owen's services also include reading your commercials, promos, IVR, voicemail, training, business presentations, sales, and web sites, Audiobooks, Videogames, Documentaries, TV shows and films, film and game trailers, podcasts, on-camera infomercials, live announcements and spokesperson. Listen to Owen's professional VOICE DEMOS. To book Owen contact Gloria at gloria@atlantictalent.ca or call Gloria at 404-3070 ext 1.

    ATA's Paul Burke, ACTRA

    ‘New Blood’ was screened at the New York Horror Film Festival. This film festival is the largest genre festival in North America.

    The short film "New Blood" was in the Atlantic Film Festival. Principal roles were played by ATA's Stevie Cooper, ATA's Joel Freckelton and ATA's Michael Hampson. The film was Written/Produced/Directed and edited by Benjamin Stevens, Producers, Stephen MacLean and Susan Foulkes, Executive Producers, Gary Hill and Paul Kimball. To watch it click on NEW BLOOD

    'New Blood'

    Gary and Nancy Hill, of Atlantic Talent, Chris Murphy of Water Street West Entertainment and Sandy MacLean are pleased to announce their partnership in the short film "Just Desserts." Written by Sandy MacLean and we are very pleased to have film producer Paul Kimball, of Redstar Films as the Director. The film is in the horror genre along the lines of an Alfred Hitchcock thriller.

    ATA meeting with Melissa Clattenburg-Pace & Paul Kimball, Producer

    Gary Hill and Nancy Hill, are Co-Producers in Paul Kimball's feature film Eternal Kiss filmed in the Shelburne Film Studio, Shelburne, NS. The feature film is expected to be released fall 2009. Pictured in the photo at the right are Nancy Hill, Melissa Lynn Clattenburg-Pace, 1st AD, Gary Hill and Paul Kimball, Producer.

    ALL ATLANTIC TALENT ACTORS: If you are not on Egg Films database or your photos are not current, (taken by Erin Hennessey within the last 3 months), then go to Egg Films, 1684 Barrington Street, Halifax, to have your hradshot taken.

    Nancy & Gary Hill, Drakaina Muse, Christina Cuffar, Paul Kimball Producer

    FACEBOOK Atlantic Talent members, join us on Facebook.

    Visit our friends at the Cape Breton Filmmakers Association

    24 Paws Productions is a Cape Breton production group that focuses on the development of on and off camera film making skills through practical on set experiences, group collaboration, screenings and simply going through the process of making short independent films and video projects.


    DRAKAINA FANTISY ART MUISE known internationally as the first Fantasy art Model from France, Drakaina has been a Muse and Model for artists all over the world since 2001, inspiring painters, comic artists, writers and poets, as well as a new generation of European models. The book, authored by Drakaina, with artworks by over 50 fantasy, pinup and comic artists, is published by SQP and is the Muse's second foray into... read the full story... Drakaina's official web site is http://drakaina.com/


    GARY's favorites:
    GLASS TIGER - Diamond Sun
    BAND AID - Do They Know It's Christmas
    GLASS TIGER - My Song
    Playing For Change: Song Around the World "One Love"
    Playing For Change: Song Around the World "Stand By Me"
    JOHN LENNON - "Watching the Wheels"
    MICHAEL JACKSON et all - "We Are the World"
    NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND - "American Dream"
    TOBI KEITH - How Do You Like Me Now
    CHET ATKINS - Hawaiian Wedding Song
    MEN WITHOUT HATS - "Pop Goes The World"
    CHET ATKING - The Entertainer
    CHET ATKINS & MARK KNAPFLER - Instrumentals
    JOE STRAIANA - Sleep Walk
    CHET ATKINS Mr. Bojangles
    UNCLE KRACKER - Follow Me

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